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REVEAL The Immersion: Unveiling The Divine Feminine

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For months now, when I go within to ask my soul-voice what I need most, I hear, “Sanctuary.”


And I have understood that to mean that I need to move from my loud, city apartment to some ocean-like place that has more solitude for writing, and provides a sanctuary for me to return to when I’m not traveling and teaching.

So sanctuary has been this one-word-mantra, this rubric above all else for me as what my soul’s telling me I need most.

Recently, I was working on conjuring the images and words that will best express who I am for my website’s redesign and the word sanctuary came back to me. Not as what I need, but as the truest thing I offer.  And it hit me again, that truth I’ve known, that we offer to others what we actually need most ourselves. In everything I do, I curate sacred space. I offer sanctuary.

I don’t think any of us are broken, or lost. I think barriers arise that obscure the truth of who we are, and of how much love we have access to- always. I don’t think any of us need anyone outside of us to realize our potential. I think at all times and in all places we can call upon spiritual support from within and if we ask with love for our own evolution, for our suffering to transform into light, we will always, always receive answers. I think what we need is the reminder that our power is ours, that we can claim it anytime, and that no one can do the work for us of finally redirecting that love we pour out to others, back into ourselves.

I know I need sanctuary. And I know that it’s the greatest gift I have to offer women. Sanctuary to remember who you really are, to come back home more fully to your body, and to experience the direct guidance you have within you from a source of love that never falters. 



My annual REVEAL has always been held in NYC since it’s start in 2010. But this year, in alignment with my intention of giving & receiving more sanctuary, REVEAL will be held at Kripalu in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains in Western Massachusetts. And rather than just a one-day retreat, REVEAL will be an immersion for us all to get closer as a community and to each draw nearer to our own soul. From June 12th-14th, I will be revealing alongside Dr, Christiane Northrup, Kate Northrup Watts, Rochelle Schieck & Maya Azucena.

I will be leading us in rituals to anchor us into our own love, and guiding us through soul-voice meditations to experience the soul directly. And I’ll be sharing my work with Mary Magdalene’s Gospel from my most recent book, How To Love Yourself (And Sometimes Other People.) If the lineup of speakers for REVEAL all had titles, this is what they would be: I’m the Overdressed Theologian, Dr. Christiane Northrup is the Ageless Goddess, Kate Northrup Watts is Our Lady of Worth, Rochelle Schieck is the Dancing Diva, and Maya Azucena is the Rock-star Activist.

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