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This Is Why I REVEAL: To Initiate My Smallness


This is why I REVEAL:

To initiate my smallness. To say yes, again, to becoming more love. To dare to live ever more audaciously. To let my heart break more gratefully.

To have moments however fleeting of feeling what I most desire to be in this world; beloved.

To go back to the center of who I am. To excavate the depths, to let love reach where it has never been before. To become a heart that is a vast expanse, to light candles there in this sanctuary I carry within me. To kneel at the altar of my own deepest longings.

To remember again what my mind can’t fathom. To permit my body full sovereignty. To need no other affirmation than the truth that seeps out from my own bloodstream.

To progress in the service of the light, to be a force of unfaltering love in this world. To remember in times of loss that there is no real ending. Love is what we’re here to make, love is what we are. And love is eternal. The lessons never end.

To stop searching, seeking, wanting to find- to just come home to myself deeper each time. To let my soul radiate right here on the surface of my skin. To remember that the most significant love story I’m living out is happening within me.

And to not only hear, but to trust my own soul-voice so completely, that I let my entire life be about that union.


Find out more about the 5th annual REVEAL here.


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