The Spiritual Abundance of Gratitude

I just recently celebrated my birthday and it’s the day I do nothing but drench my life in gratitude. It’s hard to describe how grateful I am that I get to write. That I am a writer. That sometimes words, when I string them together just so, can actually transmit my soul. I’m grateful that […]

Love Is About The Soul

I was asked recently in an interview to define love. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. I answered that love is our capacity to be present to ourselves and others. That it’s embodiment. It’s forgiveness. Acceptance. But it’s more. It’s freedom. Love frees. The quality of love, true love, is levity. Because […]

Pillowtalk with Rebecca Campbell

Lodro and I were met with so much love for the arrival of How To Love Yourself (And Sometimes Other People). I’m so grateful to all of you who came to our workshop in London and to our book launch party at ABC Carpet & Home in the sublime space of Deepak Homebase in NYC. We […]

Pillowtalk with Nancy Levin

The radiant Nancy Levin, Integrative Coach and best-selling author of Jump…And Your Life Will Appear, gave me and Lodro a brilliant answer to the question: how do you fall in love without losing yourself? Listen for the diamond-like intention Nancy sets down at the end: “I want to live in response to my own desires.” […]