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Menla, Menla, Menla!!!

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Just chant it with me now, “Menla, Menla, Menla!” This is an inner-chant I’ve repeated since I first heard about Menla Mountain Retreat Center. Years ago, I was at the Tibet House for an event with Robert Thurman with my editor from Hay House. We both have a severe spiritual crush on Robert Thurman, a Buddhist professor and author (and in my experience a bliss-inducing speaker and living mystic!). My editor mentioned that Dr. Thurman often leads retreats at Menla and that when the Dalai Lama comes to NYC he often stays there. The Dalai Lama has blessed the spring that runs through the grounds. Menla is located in Phoenica NY and the land is incredibly peaceful & holy. My body was bristling with energy as she talked about it. I just knew, not rationally, but in a place more real…in my heart…that the divine time would come for me to lead a retreat there too.

Last year, a REDLADY of mine attended a retreat at Menla. And she wrote me when she returned that it is quite literally the most perfect place for me to facilitate a workshop. Her email included my chant, “Menla, Menla, Menla!” Then a few months ago, I met a powerful lady named Jane who was attending my REVEAL Retreat at Kripalu. The weekend was absolute magic. We were all transformed by the radical love, the naked truth, and the courage we all shared. Jane Marie Hogan was so inspired by her experience that she offered to become my sacred, co-creative business partner. I heard a loud, bold-faced YES. And then, of course, the first event she helped me manifest is a REVEAL Retreat at Menla this August!!! Together we have compiled the testimonials (listed below) from the women at the REVEAL Retreat at Kripalu to give you first hand accounts of what moved them most about our work together and the kinds of transformations they went through on the retreat.

Now let’s talk about the spa. There’s a spa at Menla called the Mahasukha Spa (translation: “Great Bliss”). I might not need to say more. Smile. So in addition to gourmet vegetarian meals from Menla’s organic garden, there’s also Tibetan massage, herbal treatments, medicinal baths, and even an in-house Tibetan Doctor! I don’t consider this a luxury…I consider bodywork and pleasure for the body to be an essential, crucial part of the spiritual path. For me and my work, as so many of you know, being in my body, my very human female body is how I began to really be present to what’s timeless and eternal within me. So as we go through the seven veils of REVEAL, empowering, reclaiming, deep listening, awakening, and moving into the clarity of our soul-work in the world, we’ll also be soaking, renewing, hiking, sauna-ing, massaging, laughing, eating, fire-gazing, and embracing the wildness that we may have lost inside us that only the silence of retreat can restore.

The REVEAL Retreat is about coming back home to your body, to your truth, to trusting your life (with all of its madness) and it’s about that rare and real magic that happens when women come together unified by a common desire to become more love. It’s about leaving with less than you arrive with. It’s about choosing you. Right now. It’s about transforming what ever you think is weighing you down into the same waters that bless you, and make you more of the woman you know you are. The REVEAL Retreat is the offering for you to invert your life, so that the truth within you (that secret, magical you, that you that dreams and dances naked in her room and knows that she is powerful beyond measure) begins to be your only reality, and the voice you can never again abandon or betray. The REVEAL Retreat is about being the love you are and getting real about the work your soul asks of you. It’s about getting naked and seeing not the woman you have been but the woman you are. Right now. Ultimately, it’s about getting the invaluable chance to connect with your soul and begin to let the highest aspect of you take the lead.

Come if you want more light, more love, and more freedom in your life. Right now.

Just repeat after me, “Menla, Menla, Menla!” Smile. I will see you there ladyloves!

REVEAL: The Retreat

August 10-14

Menla Center for Health and Happiness

Register here

Kripalu 2014 REVEAL Retreat Testimonials
“In one weekend under the guidance of Meggan Watterson, and a group of lovely, strong ladies I found the tools I needed to get quiet and appreciate myself and the time I am allowing myself. Meggan is a loving, patient, strong and brilliant woman. I am in awe of her ability to read what is truly going on beneath each woman’s exterior. I watched her laugh with some and cry with others. Her empathy for others is astounding. I can’t thank her enough!”
-Sue Francisco

“I have been blessed to have worked closely with numerous spiritual leaders in the last few decades. I have also attended many workshops during this time. What I witnessed at Meggan Watterson’s REVEAL Retreat was profound in the enormity of the transformations that took place among the participants. Each and every one of us felt connected to our soul and empowered at a significantly deeper level. I want every woman in my life to have the gift of time with Meggan. The depth of divine love that she has embodied is transformative, inspiring and contagious, and my life will never be the same. This is truly one of the most self loving actions any woman could ever do for herself.”
-Jane M. H.

“The work that Meggan Watterson does is nothing less than miraculous. I watched as she took 21 women at the REVEAL Retreat for a weekend and turn it into an emotional cleansing and dramatic personal transformation for all of us. We went from being strangers to becoming soul sisters connected at a very intimate level. The healing that took place for so many of us brings tears to my eyes. Meggan is real, totally transparent, and an inspirational heart-centered leader.”
-Mal Duane, Life Recovery Coach

“I could never have anticipated the extraordinary healing that was to take place amongst a circle of women.  Meggan’s guidance feels inspired from a mysterious grace and she shared such insight with us over the weekend.  Each woman left the circle full of so much love; we were actually glowing (coworkers in fact confirmed this when I returned to work the next day!)  I still tear up thinking of the tremendous transformation that took place.  Meggan Watterson embodies truth and truth is empowering beyond all measure.  I am forever grateful to her, each of the magnificent women I met at the REVEAL Retreat and for listening to my soul voice and choosing to attend.”
-April Hayden Montgomery

“I signed up for the REVEAL Retreat with Meggan Watterson to have an opportunity to take a break from my family and work to explore what was going on with me as I hit the 50 mark. I was expecting to have a nice, relaxing weekend with some yoga, some naps and hopefully meet some interesting people. What I received was priceless. This was a rich, memorable and moving experience. I left feeling very connected to a larger energy of women who took the risk and revealed what was in their hearts. As I looked deeply into my heart, I saw more strength and fullness than I had felt in a long time and was able to reconnect with some of my creativity. Meggan is a loving, caring and provocative group leader; it was a pleasure to be a part of this program.”
-Linda M.

“Meggan Watterson is a Divine Feminine force to be reckoned with, embodying the fierceness of Kali at times and the tenderness of age old saints at others.  She is a wondrous Spiritual Guide that will help take your life to the next level. The REVEAL Retreat was a sacred container of Divine Feminine wisdom, seeking & truth telling. It was a retreat weekend of intense deep diving that allowed us to pull out the juicy vulnerabilities of our soul’s longings and share them fully. It was an opportunity to bask in our pain, exalt in our joy and just LOVE. Overall, our powerful circle of soul sisters unleashed our unlimited potential and allowed us all to step further into our unique callings after returning home to our separate lives. Intentions were manifested, prayers were answered and Spirit rejoiced in this group of women stepping into their glorious power & beauty.”
-Laine Love Dalby

“What a profound experience it was getting spiritually naked with Meggan Watterson and fellow soul sisters who broke me open with their vulnerability and courage at the REVEAL Retreat. Meggan is POWERFUL and her journey, which she so eloquently shares, has been quite deep and profound. She is a spiritual teacher of the next generation! I highly recommend learning from her and the women she attracts into her sacred circle. The shifts you experience are worth their weight in gold. Drop the excuses and give yourself this gift.”
- Jenny Fenig, Marketing + Soul Coach to Gutsy Entrepreneurs + Movement Makers

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